Why is the problem burnout? If we flip that thought, the challenge should be how can we take advantage of this rare opportunity. For most of us, when else have we not been in the office, no commutes, and intense time with our household?

We need to maximize this time in our life and rethink everything. We can thrive even more than before.

Productivity and positivity leads to greater success — we know this! Here are 8 aspects where I’ll offer a Classic tip that still works, and a new Game Changer that will elevate us even more.


1. Thriving Morning Routine

One of…

When you spend as much time as I do researching leadership traits and taking leadership courses, you come to realize there is a personality self-assessment and framework for everything. From Myers Briggs to HBDI to Principle You, there’s an endless amount of ways to understand ourselves. The trick that no one tells you is that the self-assessments are NOT for you, it’s for the people around you. Taking these personality tests are only useful if there are people in your life to apply them to.

That’s not to say it’s not also critical you understand how you prefer to think…

“Taking the initiative does not mean being pushy, angry or aggressive. It means recognizing our responsibility to make things happen.” — Stephen Covey

Let’s move beyond why taking initiative matters. Clearly, we all know taking initiative yields much more success, both from a professional and personal standpoint. So… why don’t people take initiative more often? I’m talking about being the first to take on new work, or to apologize to your significant other, or as simple as washing that dirty dish that’s been in the sink forever.


One Question to Take More Initiative

Let me introduce the logic versus character driven question. I recently finished Adam…

The inspiration for this article is from a @DEADLINE article by @DeadlineMike on, “Dwayne Johnson Surpasses 200 Million Instagram Followers, Most By Any American Man.”

Being a big Rock fan, I’ve enjoyed his authenticity when it comes to spreading kindness and compassion. For a celebrity, it’s typically important to remain politically neutral, but in recent years he’s been using his clout to push that needle.

“While some in Hollywood like George Clooney are willing to get into any scrap where he feels he can use his influence to confront a bully or shine a light on an injustice, it seems…

Techniques to not simply avoid burnout, but to grow yourself further.

Oh boy, where do we begin. EVERYBODY I know is experiencing some form of burnout.

But what if, and hear me out, we can flip that burnout on its head and actually make some gains?

Power Move #1: Smile Like You Mean It

Burnout is occurring because we’ve been doing the same thing for almost a year now — work from home, avoid people, no indoor hangouts, same routines, same clothes!

If doing the same thing is what’s causing the burnout, I posit all it takes is doing one thing different to “spice” things up. Taking that…

Step-By-Step Guide to Become a Leader and Adventurer


I recently finished listening to Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard by Chip & Dan Heath. In it, several cool concepts, but one I’ll highlight now is — script the critical moves.

“Any successful change requires a translation of ambiguous goals into concrete behaviors. In short, to make a switch, you need to script the critical moves.

To spark movement in a new direction, you need to provide crystal-clear guidance.”

In this post, I’m going to talk about crystal clear steps on how to become a leader, to become…

Small things you can do in your daily routine that could yield massive gains.


Incremental progress.

Sounds boring, but that’s how we’ve achieved our current level of success, right? Our life is much more like the ups and downs of the stock market, where hopefully over a long timespan, it trends up. Everybody wants to have that Gamestop stock moment, where our career explodes to become a massive success. Yet, it’s the incremental progress that will set us apart from others.

I’m reminded of the Joanne and Chip Gaines story. Famous from their HGTV Fixer Upper show (shiplap everywhere!), they’re…

The Updated Guide to Writing Unforgettable and Unignorable Emails


“Invented” in 1971, then wide spread by 1993, email is still the primary way to communicate in 2021.

When I’m in Washington DC, I always like to visit the bar, Off the Record, known as the, “place to be seen and not heard.” The bar has a reputation for getting visits from political powerhouses and celebrities. Who knows who you’ll run into!

Although the thought of happenstance sitting next to a power broker that then opens up magical doors sounds enticing, it doesn’t happen anymore. Instead, opportunities are now borne out…


An insurrection occurred at the United States Capital less than a month ago. We’ve all seen the pictures and video of them walking past or beating up police, of breaking glass to break in and then vandalizing, and even the chant of the mob to harm others.

Yikes. In what reality did they think that would be ok?

Venture Out is not about politics. Rather, it’s about understanding human behavior in a way to assist us to be more productive and positive. In doing so, we become more successful in our endeavors.

Therefore, let’s go deep in understanding the psychology…


Ah, here I am, sipping on my cold brew, sitting outside in my back patio, watching daylight rise and writing the next Venture Out series of emails. I absolutely love moments like this, because I can easily slip into a tranquil “deep work” state and time just flies by enjoyably. #DisneySoul

Moments like this are only possible because of a good personal productivity workflow. And that’s exactly what we’re going to deconstruct over the next few emails — how to create your perfect personal workflow, and in doing so increase your output.

“Being productive is about doing the right things…

Johnny T. Nguyen

Founder of Venture Out, employed by NASA, and wannabe adventurer. More at https://www.theventureout.com/

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