Techniques to not simply avoid burnout, but to grow yourself further.

Oh boy, where do we begin. EVERYBODY I know is experiencing some form of burnout.

But what if, and hear me out, we can flip that burnout on its head and actually make some gains?

Power Move #1: Smile Like You Mean It

Burnout is occurring because we’ve been doing the same thing for almost a year now — work from home, avoid people, no indoor hangouts, same routines, same clothes!

If doing the same thing is what’s causing the burnout, I posit all it takes is doing one thing different to “spice” things up. Taking that…

Step-By-Step Guide to Become a Leader and Adventurer


I recently finished listening to Switch: How to Change Things When Change Is Hard by Chip & Dan Heath. In it, several cool concepts, but one I’ll highlight now is — script the critical moves.

“Any successful change requires a translation of ambiguous goals into concrete behaviors. In short, to make a switch, you need to script the critical moves.

To spark movement in a new direction, you need to provide crystal-clear guidance.”

In this post, I’m going to talk about crystal clear steps on how to become a leader, to become…

Small things you can do in your daily routine that could yield massive gains.

Incremental progress.

Sounds boring, but that’s how we’ve achieved our current level of success, right? Our life is much more like the ups and downs of the stock market, where hopefully over a long timespan, it trends up. Everybody wants to have that Gamestop stock moment, where our career explodes to become a massive success. Yet, it’s the incremental progress that will set us apart from others.

I’m reminded of the Joanne and Chip Gaines story. Famous from their HGTV Fixer Upper show (shiplap everywhere!), they’re…

The Updated Guide to Writing Unforgettable and Unignorable Emails


“Invented” in 1971, then wide spread by 1993, email is still the primary way to communicate in 2021.

When I’m in Washington DC, I always like to visit the bar, Off the Record, known as the, “place to be seen and not heard.” The bar has a reputation for getting visits from political powerhouses and celebrities. Who knows who you’ll run into!

Although the thought of happenstance sitting next to a power broker that then opens up magical doors sounds enticing, it doesn’t happen anymore. Instead, opportunities are now borne out…


An insurrection occurred at the United States Capital less than a month ago. We’ve all seen the pictures and video of them walking past or beating up police, of breaking glass to break in and then vandalizing, and even the chant of the mob to harm others.

Yikes. In what reality did they think that would be ok?

Venture Out is not about politics. Rather, it’s about understanding human behavior in a way to assist us to be more productive and positive. In doing so, we become more successful in our endeavors.

Therefore, let’s go deep in understanding the psychology…


Ah, here I am, sipping on my cold brew, sitting outside in my back patio, watching daylight rise and writing the next Venture Out series of emails. I absolutely love moments like this, because I can easily slip into a tranquil “deep work” state and time just flies by enjoyably. #DisneySoul

Moments like this are only possible because of a good personal productivity workflow. And that’s exactly what we’re going to deconstruct over the next few emails — how to create your perfect personal workflow, and in doing so increase your output.

“Being productive is about doing the right things…

Real tools and techniques to help you work faster, smarter and healthier.


2021 is here and I want to hit the ground running this year. For most of us, last year we tried hard to not have our “life on pause.” This year, we won’t let a pandemic be the excuse why we don’t make huge gains on our goals.

Let’s remind ourselves — there is a lot we want to achieve in our life, and there’s no time for excuses.

To that end, I’ll cover real tools and techniques to help you work faster, smarter, and maybe even healthier…

…in movies, episodic TV shows, and music.

In 2018 I watched 81 movies, in 2019 I watched 83. But in 2020, the tally comes to a mere 64. What could explain such a severe drop in productivity? Yup, you guessed it — I got married! Pretty good trade off I’d say and I’m due for a rebound next year!

Well, I know you came here for lists, so let’s get to it!

Top 5 Movies

  1. 1917 — The “single shot” effect cannot be understated in a movie that is so gritty and intense, but also contains stunning cinematography against a backdrop of war.


Today’s the day! Today we set goals for 2021!

My friends make fun of me for getting excited about setting goals, but I really do. For me, when I hear someone set goals, that tells me that they’re on their way to achieving something they want. They’ve done the hardest part — being self aware enough to know this is something they want, that they’re willing to devote energy towards it, and can now articulate what it is they will do.


In preparing for today and setting up my tool to write down and track my goals…

Get ready folks, today I take a personal look back on how the past year went. I’ll be using the two techniques to conduct an annual review that was described in my writeup, Never Has It Been More Important to Plan for Next Year.

Snapped this picture while climbing Pikes Peak, which now hangs on my wall.

But first, without even having to do much reflecting, by far the greatest positive game-changer has been getting married to the most amazing woman. Feels like we have an amazing foundation built on the right ingredients, and it’s allowed me to grow as a person.

So, I hope you enjoy my personal review of last year…

Johnny T. Nguyen

Founder of Venture Out, employed by NASA, and wannabe adventurer. More at

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