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Turn psychological research into practical design tips.

“… one study found that cues reminding Asian American girls of their ethnicity improved their scores on maths tests, whereas cues that reminded them of their gender undermined their performance.” — @anniemurphypaul [4]

Yikes. Ignoring the stereotype in that statement for a quick sec, that’s an eye-opening finding. If we…


Why your ambition is failing & new kinds of ambition that’s more balanced, sustainable, and leads to real success.

“If we look at the world around us, some of the most insidious and damaging things are caused by ambition. People hunger for power and for status and for money, without any regard for others. These things aren’t necessarily bad in themselves. They are simply tools.”- @Zat_Rana on @Medium [10]

Absolutely everything we do is an algorithm. In fact, most of our time is spent as mindless machines, running on cruise control and reliant on our homo sapien evolution with a sprinkle of environmental, cultural influences.

I’m ruminating on what Yuval Noah Harari’s Homo Deus: A Brief History of Tomorrow

Tell me how often you’ve felt like your mind is full of noise. So noisy that it’s hard to think. Sometimes it may be because we have too much going on in our life (i.e. family, work, chores, hobbies, staying up on the latest COVID development, Netflix). …

“As human beings, we make sense of our experiences through stories.” — @McKeeStory in @HarvardBiz [4]

I just finished reading Exhalations by Ted Chiang, a collection of short stories. One of them, “The Truth of Fact, the Truth of Feeling” was about how a person remembers their past, and how…

Just finished James Clear’s book, Atomic Habits, which I highly recommend. A very practical, no nonsense book full of step by step instructions on how to build better habits. And let’s face it, when I hear someone say habit, I get this warm fuzzy feeling inside of me. ;)


Why is the problem burnout? If we flip that thought, the challenge should be how can we take advantage of this rare opportunity. For most of us, when else have we not been in the office, no commutes, and intense time with our household?

We need to maximize this time…

When you spend as much time as I do researching leadership traits and taking leadership courses, you come to realize there is a personality self-assessment and framework for everything. From Myers Briggs to HBDI to Principle You, there’s an endless amount of ways to understand ourselves. The trick that no…

“Taking the initiative does not mean being pushy, angry or aggressive. It means recognizing our responsibility to make things happen.” — Stephen Covey

Let’s move beyond why taking initiative matters. Clearly, we all know taking initiative yields much more success, both from a professional and personal standpoint. So… why don’t…

The inspiration for this article is from a @DEADLINE article by @DeadlineMike on, “Dwayne Johnson Surpasses 200 Million Instagram Followers, Most By Any American Man.”

Being a big Rock fan, I’ve enjoyed his authenticity when it comes to spreading kindness and compassion. …

Johnny T. Nguyen

Founder of Venture Out, employed by NASA, and wannabe adventurer. More at

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