How I’m Setting Goals for 2021

  • Venture Out more — This passion project is going to make big moves next year. Now that I have a core team, an informal board of advisors, and seed funding, I’m sensing great possibilities ahead. Again, I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank you, the reader, enough. We wouldn’t be here without you. #producing
  • Adventure Trip(s) — Montana, Yellowstone, and back to Europe but this time to feast my eyeballs on the Northern Lights and stay in one of those trendy cabins. Dependent on the pandemic getting better, the goal is to venture out and create lasting memories with my wife. #adventure
  • Mountaineering Course — It’s been two years since I took an introductory course on mountaineering skills that resulted in summiting Mt Baker, and it’s time to build upon that. #skillbuilding
  • Astronomy & Photography — Finally, I’m going to do some learning around astronomy and photography. Not going too intense here since I know life will be packed busy, the goal here is to simply snap more pictures, read more magazines on the topic, and expand my knowledge. #skillbuilding


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Johnny T. Nguyen

Johnny T. Nguyen


All about the adventure of positivity & productivity. I’ve turned into my parents and now wake up before 6 AM… & crush it. 🔅