My 2021 Year-in-Review: The Tim Ferriss Method

Tim Ferriss needs no introduction since he’s a renown figure in these circles. He’s written about his method to conduct annual reviews, in order to learn from the past year and incorporate those changes in the next year. Because he’s famous for experimenting on himself and taking copious notes, it makes total sense that his method calls for a more detailed analysis and injecting those insights into next year.


Looking at my calendar this past year, here are a few highlights that I’ve truly enjoyed and cherish.

Picnics and open houses with the wife. My wife and I occasionally visit a new park and pack a nice Indian bhel meal to eat out there, which doesn’t require any reheating. And while we’re out, we’ll look up any open houses for sale by checking Zillow. We’re in the process of building a new house and we enjoy looking at other houses to pick up on any design tips (or not to do!).

Renting out a movie theatre. Yeah, sounds luxurious doesn’t it? Turns out it’s not as expensive as it sounds, and our local theatre allows for up to 20 guests, which means the price per ticket is roughly the same as a normal movie ticket. Since everybody is so tired of this pandemic, the idea of going out with all your friends, who you can trust is taking this pandemic as seriously as you are, has been a social lifeline. Only difficulty is getting through a 20 person movie huddle afterwards that doesn’t last as long as the movie itself!

Smaller social dinners. If I can’t host a full-on dinner party yet, then the small dinners my wife and I have had with just 2–3 other people at the house has been very sweet. Less people means more time for deeper conversations.

Astronomy viewings. My wife and I went out to the Orlando Science Center, where they allow private reservations to view from their telescope with a guide, and it was such a unique experience. Seeing the craters and valleys on the Moon is always a reminder of how other-worldly things can get beyond our little blue marble. Plus we got to view the Milky Way from Kauai, where I snapped this picture after lots of attempts.

I snapped this pic in Kauai.

Running. Can’t believe I used to hate running so much, considering how much I look forward to it now. I think it’s because I’m outdoors for a solid 30+ minutes where I can take care of my mind and body, away from the burdens of ‘normal’ life.


Ignoring things apparently doesn’t make them better. Suffice to say, my aging parents still don’t have a long-term game plan for what’ll happen when their health continues to decline. Because of that, it weighs on me and everyone around me. Not fair to everyone involved, yet such a tough thing to “solve” because of my stubborn mom and my conflict-avoidant personality.

Losing patience. The above certainly doesn’t help, but in general I’ve been feeling a sharp decline in my patience — which was low to begin with! This has resulted in losing my mindset at small triggers, damaging relationships, and unhealthy stress.

Losing faith in myself. Stacking the above two together, it kinda snowballs into even bigger issues, such as losing faith in myself and my abilities to, well, do anything! Am I making the decisions? Am I treating people appropriately? Am I being too stubborn and a know-it-all? Can I do anything right?!

Bad purchases. Let’s end this negative list on a lighter note shall we. Of the purchases I’ve made this year for cool new gear, it seems like they just haven’t been working out or I’ve regretted purchasing them. Not sure if I’m just not doing enough research, buying too much on a whim, or falling for fancy marketing.


The Tim Ferriss method now dictates that I immediately make plans to do more of the Positives and less/none of the Negatives. From the Positives, I can see two major trends to be spending more quality time with those close to me and spending time outdoors. Now that I’ve literally typed that out, it makes total sense. Without the social pillars in my life and the ability to travel as much, maybe it’s really been impacting me negatively much more than I thought. And maybe it’s been manifesting itself with my lack of patience for others and myself. Whoa.




I write about the adventure of positivity & productivity. 🔅 Over 25k people read my newsletter. 🔅 Wake up before 6 AM & crush it. 🔅

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Johnny T. Nguyen

Johnny T. Nguyen

I write about the adventure of positivity & productivity. 🔅 Over 25k people read my newsletter. 🔅 Wake up before 6 AM & crush it. 🔅

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